I’ve known how to edit API docs in swagger for about a year or so, but as a solo writer recently I took taught myself the end-to-end process. Since I don’t know any other information developers who’ve done the process end-to-end at my company, I taught myself the technology and occasionally asked my devs for help.

Here’s what I did, working on and off over the course of a few months:

-researched pros and cons of swagger annotations in the java spec itself or in a separate spec file. Went with the latter, even though at first I felt this violated single source of truth principles. (the build process was so precarious and difficult for in-java annotations that it wasn’t worth my time)

-read the java code in order to author the yaml spec by hand. API handyman came to my rescue here.

-Installed swagger-editor to get instant feedback on my edits.

-Created a web app to publish my docs using Tomcat. Made some use of a popular tutorial.

-Got feedback that I actually needed to publish my docs using Websphere Liberty Profile instead of Tomcat. Created a WLP web app using an IBM tutorial. In theory this would have been easy, but the most difficult part was finding the right version of WLP to install on Eclipse marketplace; the versioning conventions just seemed really confusing to me.

-Got told I needed to put my web app in Docker. Fortunately, there were a couple other Dockerized web apps in our team I could use as an example, plus the Docker intro videos are really good. I successfully Dockerized my WLP app, and handed it off to a developer.