I finally, finally, completed a task that’s long been on my backburner: migrating my site to Jekyll!

I’ve been interested in Jekyll for quite a while. For example, see Wait, there are alternatives to DITA for small companies?

Here’s how I did it, for my own future reference:

This tutorial was very helpful to me as a jumping off point: Building a static website with Jekyll and GitHub Pages

Next, I went with the minimal mistakes theme because it seems widely used and has nice documentation. I chose to use the theme remotely – we’ll see how that plays out in terms of updates.

Some future wishes for the site:

  • Integrate Travis CI so I can easily view build errors (my initial quick effort failed, I think it’s because I build on a Windows machine as specified by my gemfile, but Travis builds in Linux.)
  • Integrate html-proofer at some point to make sure that website never has broken links or images