Recently, I’ve been rethinking developer onboarding for my client because of a domain-model/UX overhaul of the API & corresponding online app. I’ve been researching developer onboarding experiences, and I stumbled across two that were fun to compare and contrast. I made a little video:


  • 0:00 - Why this video? I’m researching developer onboarding experiences.
  • 1:18 - Walkthrough of Docker desktop CLI guide. Nice features include: recoverable experience, no signup required, and most notably, GUI interface wrapper for terminal tutorial(!)
  • 9:01 - An aside on account sign-up friction and why a SaaS company might or might not optimize it
  • 11:00 - Maildrop and other disposable email tools for re-creating onboarding experiences
  • 11:22 - Walkthrough of Contentful’s CLI guide. Nice features include: launch browser to display my API token, numbered steps, y/n prompts to create the project, step explanations