One of my pleasures as a founding writer a startups is restructuring the docs as the product improves. Self-serve developer tools are fun to document, because well designed product-lead growth features usually lead to more beautiful docs that are satisfyingly to revise.

I got a chance to overhaul the docs for my client Sensible recently because they’ve added some excellent self-serve features for developers, including:

  • Large-language model (LLM)-powered methods that are easier for newbie developers to use
  • More integrations, and easier integration methods

The old table of contents looked like this:

Old table of contents

The new table of contents, in contrast:

  • emphasizes a single point of entry instead of two alternative getting started points. That’s because the LLM-powered approach is now powerful enough to make it the centerpiece
  • Tells a story that flows from an easy, 5-minute getting started experience, to integrating, to scaling up your extraction approach with time:

Old table of contents

I’m feeling proud of these changes. Looking forward to observing my docs metrics over the next few months to see how they impact my top-visited pages and top docs site searches.